About IARP Reiki Memberships

Celebrating our 18th Year of Loving Service to the Reiki Community Worldwide! 

About IARP Reiki Memberships: Which Membership is right for you?

Do you love Reiki, are you a personal practitioner, or you have taken a Reiki class? Join IARP as a Reiki Community Member and get connected!

IARP Reiki Community Membership

IARP Reiki Community Membership is for anyone who loves Reiki! This is open to all in the global community who have taken a Reiki class or who are interested in Reiki. The Reiki Community Membership is great for those who practice self Reiki. Includes a subscription to The Reiki Times quarterly online magazine, monthly Reiki Newsletter, and more.

IARP Reiki Professional Membership

Do you offer your Reiki services professionally, practice and/or teach? Join as a Registered Reiki Professional Member and enjoy all of the benefits of membership.

Whether you utilize Reiki for your personal wellness and growth, or practice professionally, we look forward to you sharing in the global Reiki community and benefits. You may join IARP if you are a Reiki Practitioner or Master Teacher from any country.

About IARP

IARP®, the International Association of Reiki Professionals®, is the professional association of the global Reiki community, working to promote wide reaching healing effects throughout the world and to provide members with great benefits and tools to enhance and expand their practices, whether professional or personal.

We are an organization for you and work to create a supportive environment within Reiki.

We provide a forum for support and professional, personal and spiritual growth.

Being recognized as a Registered IARP® Professional Member you are recognized as attaining the highest standards of professionalism and service within Reiki.

There is no dogma, bureaucracy or ego, but support, great benefits and much more.

Join to Stay Connected

Stay connected to the latest news, informative articles and resources about Reiki, healing, spirituality and wellness. Let those in need of your services, sessions or classes find you easily. Get connected with the global Reiki community, let your voice be counted as part of the professional Reiki community, and receive great benefits - join IARP today!

Enjoy Great Benefits
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Professional Recognition as an IARP Registered Reiki Professional
Recognizing you as attaining the highest standards within Reiki and your ongoing commitment to professionalism, growth, dedication and honored service to your clients and students. IARP members abide by the IARP Reiki Code of Ethics.
Official IARP Membership Certificate

For your office wall sent to you by mail in your Member Packet

IARP Wallet Card

Sent by mail in your Member Packet

The Reiki Times

Quarterly online magazine for IARP Members and Subscribers


Reiki Job Board – If we receive requests for employment or Reiki opportunities in your area we will email you to let you know so that you may apply directly. In addition to referrals for Reiki classes or sessions, IARP also acts as a Speaker’s Bureau for organizations and refer IARP members when we receive requests for speakers.

Online Referrals Listing at the IARP web site

Recognizing you as a Registered Reiki Professional Member in good standing. Those interested in your services or classes can find you easily and directly.

Business Cards

250 professional business cards (small shipping cost applies)

Referrals Listing Discount

IARP is pleased to partner with Wellness Finder so that you may enjoy the maximum exposure and referrals for all of your services and classes. As an IARP member you receive a $35 discount on your first year listing at Wellness-Finder.org! Your basic listing for a full year is only $10 instead of $45! Wellness Finder covers many services for wide exposure.

Certificate Service Program for Reiki Master Teachers

Official Reiki certificates for your students in your choice of style and color. See Certificate Service Program page for details and costs.

Access to Optional Reiki Liability Insurance Programs

Available to Professional Members, multiple plans to choose from, covers you if you practice or teach, follows anywhere in your country you where you practice/teach, and covers many additional related modalities. Available for USA and Canada residents.

Low-cost Legal Documents and Business Formation

Save with access to low-cost legal documents and services to help set-up your business, incorporate, start your LLC, trademark and more

Publicity for our members and for your professional services
Member Resources

Sample forms for your practice and helpful articles

Member Discounts

IARP Members receive special discounts on car rentals, educational discounts, and more.

Reiki Research and Abstracts
Know that your voice is counted in the Reiki community
The internal reward of helping the community to work together

for the benefit of the community

Client/Student Payment Solutions – Accept credit cards for your practice

Multiple plans to suit your needs whether you are an individual practitioner or teacher, very part-time, small business or medium to large business.

Discounts on Accounting Software to help manage your practice or business

IARP Members receive up to a 40% discount on QuickBooks Accounting Software (up to a $120 value!)
Discount on Payroll accounting software.

and more!

Join the Community, Enjoy the Benefits!